Benefits Of Neurofeedback &
How A session Works

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Users Have Experienced Improvement In  Many Areas: Here Are Just a Few

Here are some benefits to you of  NeurOptimal®’s unique approach:

  • The expertise is in the software, so you yourself don't need a PhD to use it
  • It is easy to set up and use the equipment
  • It is possible to learn how to use the equipment via the Internet, chat, or from reading written instructions.
  • The danger of unwanted side effects is greatly minimized when the brain is allowed to decide for itself how it will respond. This is a big advancement!
  • Brain Training becomes much more affordable, and convenient, when you can train your brain at home

  • More than one family member can use it, thus contributing to better communication and harmony within those living together

  • It provides drug-free and diagnosis-free training for conditions often treated with drugs; it’s usually much less expensive, without side effects or the potential stigma of a diagnosis
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What Happens During A Session?

Your main job during a session is to relax, either sitting in a comfortable chair, or reclined. You listen to specially designed music, or you may choose to listen to something else. Your eyes may be open, watching a never-repeating image, or you may close your eyes, or read, or sleep.

You do this while two small sensors attached to your scalp send moment by moment information about your brain through a filter into the computer. The computer then feeds information back to your brain in the form of very brief interruptions (hard to detect) in the music you’re listening to. Your brain then responds, and reorganizes itself for greater efficiency, even without your conscious awareness.

How Do I Know It’s Working?

Results of NeurOptimal® training can be dramatic or subtle. In order to ensure that changes are noted, it is important to complete a thorough baseline assessment, quantifying what problems you’re experiencing, how frequently, and how intensely. NeurOptimal® forms are available for this purpose,  to help track one’s baseline status, goals, and progress.

Additionally, NeurOptimal® has compiled data gathered from its Trainers worldwide. To date, over 3 million sessions have been logged, with thousands of happy clients reporting positive results.

 You may wish to download the NeurOptimal® Survey of Practitioners [Click Here] to see results recorded by practitioners.

How Many Sessions Do I need?

Each person’s brain is unique, impacted by such things as genetics, blows to the head, diet, blood sugar regulation, drugs, hormones, etc. It is therefore not possible to say how many sessions any person might need to see results, especially in a particular area (say sleep, for example). Generally speaking, the longer you’ve had a problem, and the more severe it’s gotten, the longer it might take to see improvement in that specific problem. Improvements may come in other areas first.

Some people see positive changes in as few as 3 -7 sessions; others require more; some require many more. When you notice positive changes in at least one area, you know more changes are coming.

How Often Should I Train?

A general rule of thumb is that 2 or 3 times a week can provide the right amount of both training and integration time. Sometimes, for specific reasons, a person may wish to train more; the suggested limit is not more than two sessions in one day.

Do The Benefits of NeurOptimal® Training Last Over Time?

Have you ever gotten back on a bicycle, after not riding for years? Or played tennis again, after a long time? If so, you realize that foundational knowledge is still there, and you can regain your skills again, faster than if you’d never ridden or played before. It’s similar with NeurOptimal® training. Some people like to get “tune ups” once a month, or during times of extra stress,  or at a certain time of year (during the anniversary of a loss, for example); others see brain training as a lifelong endeavor.

Why Might I want to use Neurofeedback?

We like to jokingly say that anyone with a brain can benefit – and it’s true! People who have used NeurOptimal® over time have reported:

  •  Less stress and  anxiety, and  better sleep!
  • Improved ability to focus and stay focused

  •  Improved cognitive  functioning

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    Better athletic or peak  performance  – for musicians too!

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    More happiness  and self confidence