Programs & Services

Six week Program

The Sleep Liberation Project: Our six week signature program combines cutting edge  biofeedback and neurofeedback tools with skilled sleep coaching to most effectively liberate you from the nightmare of poor sleep.  

Our Services

Sleep Coaching: Let us help you fall asleep, or get back to sleep, and get on with your life!

NeuroFeedback Training: NeurOptimal Neurofeedback equipment rental is included in our benefits-focused 6 Week Sleep Liberation Program, because many people report early-on improvement in sleep. We’re happy to rent to you even if you’re not in our Program, though, and can also assist with the purchase of either a Personal System for home use or a Professional Unit for clinical use.

Heart Leading the Brain to Better Health

Biofeedback Training – Perhaps you have heard about HeartMath, and want to learn more about how harnessing the power of positive emotions can help you sleep better, manage stress, improve your  physical and emotional health, and increase your confidence. As a HeartMath Interventions Provider, I can assist you with all of the above and more.  

Heart Rate Variability 24 Hour Assessment – Wear a small lightweight device for 24 hours to gain insight into your overall autonomic nervous system functioning (this is the nervous system that we don’t consciously control) via its tracking of your heart rate variability. This is less expensive than a sleep study, and can help give information about whether or not a sleep study might be needed. It also gives a picture of your overall health, relative to your age. More information will be coming soon!

Margaret T., Greater Milwaukee, WI

I never had a health coach before but I'm so glad I decided to try it. Rachel has been so supportive. She respectfully listens, relates, questions and offers suggestions. She's knowledgeable and insightful, and can be both gentle and tough - with humility, humor and grace. I know Rachel makes many healthy choices for herself. Thanks to her guidance and encouragement, I'm making more for myself. The HeartMath is simple yet powerful. Working with Rachel is a gift to myself that is paying off in results.

Margaret T. ... Non Profit Administrative Team